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you'll always be my superhero.. [entries|friends|calendar]
you'll always be my superhero..

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mailing list [Thursday
March 19th, 2020

hi!! leave a comment if you wanna join my mailing list.  (:

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HUGE makeup sale! [Saturday
March 12th, 2011

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To post! [Monday
July 12th, 2010
From now on, im keeping a list so i can look at it and have more motivation to turn on the computer after a long day's work, hehe.

Coming up:
- What i got yesterday at the Metro 20% off sale
  (yup, its makeup. oh damn i just realised that i totally forgot about the ban! fell 6 days short of a month ): )

- MAC 190 foundation brush review
- MAC prep & prime transparent finishing powder review
- Makeup collection?
  (i dont know about this one. it'll look so sad as compared to what some of you girls have! haha)

PS. im still trying to change the new layout a bit but im terribly confused. for those of you who want to enter the cut, just click on the left side of the 'bird' just below this to enter to read only and on the right to post a comment!
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Eyelash perming? [Saturday
August 8th, 2009
I've been considering eyelash perming for a while now! Have any of you tried it before? It seems kinda scary subjecting your fragile eyelashes to chemicals and all. Plus after looking about online, im more confused than ever! Some have said that perming made their lashes fragile and dry and hence causing them to fall out! Just imagining it is enough to scare me into not doing it, haha. So please share with me and let me know your experience! :D
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Nail swatches! [Wednesday
August 5th, 2009

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UninspiredCollapse )

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Val's makeup collection [Sunday
August 2nd, 2009

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My hobbyCollapse )

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Baby mac haul! [Sunday
August 2nd, 2009

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But expensive!Collapse )

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fat face + GVP! [Saturday
July 18th, 2009

Val's got a slightly swollen face with little rashes all over now |:

So beware! Always test a product on a small area first before applying it on a large surface area. The culprit for my condition right now's hawaiian tropic oil free faces spf 30. I was going to rave about how quickly it dries to a matt finish, and though it does cause the foundation to drag a bit (all sunblocks ive tried do that) and it does cause a little tingling sensation after application, it really is the most convenient sunblock ive tried thus far. To think that just hours after checking with my dermatologist if i had to worry about the tingling sensation and he replied no as long as i do not develop rashes, i really break into rashes, and all over at that ):

Okay, im whining now, haha sorry! Just wanted to drop you girls a warning about this product. Well products in general cuz we might react to a chemical that they contain and all.

a review under the cut!Collapse )
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metro 20% off! [Monday
July 13th, 2009

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OHOHO!Collapse )

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Lemming for.. [Sunday
July 12th, 2009
NARS Dolce Vita

Clinique Superfit

Thats all i can think of right now! :D Have you girls tried any of them, thoughts?

EDIT: Got Dolce Vita and Exhibit A instead (: I hope the other half of Sephora has NARS! Pls pls pls
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MAC [Thursday
July 9th, 2009

Ever wondered how $600++ worth of MAC would look like?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
drool worthy!Collapse )</div>
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LOSERS [Monday
July 6th, 2009
I know i havnt been updating for so long girls! I feel really bad about it, but gosh, work drains all of my energy and each time i knock off, im already so tired, too tired to be updating. Plus i have bought some things, but not that many cuz of the ban! |: I bought i brush cleanser yesterday but i dont think that really counts cuz i needed it plus its not exactly makeup i think?

Anyway, i wanted to rant about something:

Yesterday while a couple of friends and i were having lunch, tocks gave us our presents from korea and among them were a couple of bottles of nail polish. So what happened was that we were painting them and showing the colours to each other and trying to decide what to choose right, and this guy on the table next to ours was mimicking us and pretending to be looking at his nails like we were.

So anyway, the 3 girls he was with laughed really loudly and i flipped. Kinda, i just got really pissed and reacted, plus carolyn as well, lol.

I was so so so annoyed, i mean what was that for?! We were minding our own business and that big ass totally had to try to be funny. He probably was trying to impress them or something, but like umm its not like they were a good catch or anything. YUP, i know im being really bitchy and everything right now, but it really bothered me to a rather large extent at that point of time.

People like those few derive pleasure from taunting others are total losers. It reminds me of this video that an lj user posted on mac_cosmetics about this guy on youtube who insulted all the girls who make and watch makeup videos on youtube! More importantly, it doesnt mean that an individual who likes makeup or pays a little more attention to her appearance isn't an intelligent person who has other interests. To those of you who are oh so critical of everything and anything, get a life! RAWR it still kinda annoys me now but okay, i shall try not to think about it any longer.

And also, i promise to update soon, ive got a couple of stuff im quite excited to show you girls, esp MAC. Haha, till then you all! :D
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Haul from US! [Saturday
June 20th, 2009
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I wanna shop in the states too ):Collapse )I wanna shop in the states too ):Collapse )I wanna shop in the states too ):Collapse )I wanna shop in the states too ):Collapse )I wanna shop in the states too ):Collapse )I wanna shop in the states too ):Collapse )I wanna shop in the states too ):Collapse )I wanna shop in the states too ):Collapse )I wanna shop in the states too ):Collapse )I wanna shop in the states too ):Collapse )

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MAC! [Friday
June 19th, 2009
Sorry i havnt been updating girls, i fell ill yest |: stupid, just when the weekend's here. ANYWAY! I'm sure many of you got something during the F & F sale, what did you get! i'm eagerly waiting for the 3 sad items i got, which still cost me $80+ anyway |: I got: 190 foundation brush + 2*prep + prime transparent finishing powder (just cuz its LE). WHAT DID YOU GET?! Share so the rest of us who got so little may share in your excitement :D

p/s. Its soooo difficult to stick to the ban already! I have another blush i want from MAC ):
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GASP* [Wednesday
June 17th, 2009
OKAY, starting today, i am going on a one month long makeup purchase ban. YES you read correctly, ive been spending wayyy too much on makeup |: I already have hauls coming in, enough to keep me happy for quite a long while! Will try to make use of everything i have instead. Also, sorry im not updating girls! i just started my temp job yesterday and omg its sooo tiring! |: I'll update as soon as i can find the strength to do so, miss me all right! :D

EDIT: Okay, i just realised that colour crafts comes out on the 7th July. Shall change the ban to 3 weeks then, im not good at resisting temptation when it comes to makeup |:
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June 14th, 2009

mass emailed! leave a comment if you didnt receive

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Shoes! [Saturday
June 13th, 2009

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Price cut cut cut!Collapse )

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RANT [Saturday
June 13th, 2009
The weather! Omg i hate the effing weather right now in Singapore. Its so so so hot! And for the first time in my life, im getting rashes because of all the sweat and heat ): @#$%^&*() I'm sweating right now while typing this and cussing cuz i dont remember it EVER being THIS humid or excessively sunny.

RAWR i try to hide from the sun if i have my hair down my hiding my hands under my hair, lol yeah i know it doesnt do anything really but gosh my body is so tan while my face and neck are quite a few shades fairer and i look like a different person backview and frontview! I wanna be fair, hahaha.

Anyway ive got quite a few posts coming up, just kinda lazy cuz of the heat and all. Plus the MAC sale yesterday was small small small, though i did manage to get one thing that im really happy about! Shall update soon girls :D
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Big ass sale! [Friday
June 12th, 2009

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Hey girls, im selling a couple of items so do take a look!

edit: added a couple of l/s and e/l

Sale ICollapse )Sale ICollapse )

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GSS [Thursday
June 11th, 2009

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